Grab Believe Grabpay Will Grow Rapidly In 18 Months

Technozone – As an online transport user you may be familiar with electronic payments provided by various online transport services is not it? Good Gopay for users of Duck. Also Grabpay for Grab users.

Well, Grab seems like a serious one with their electronic payment business line. Last November, Grab just picked up Jason Thompson as Head of Grabpay. Then, earlier this month, Grab has just acquired Kudo. A move that might make us wonder. What this transportation company is trying to do with Kudo (Kiosk Online) is engaged in this e-commerce.

In a conversation at Kudoplex 2, Head of Grabpay, Jason Thompson gave an overview of the current situation of payment platforms in Indonesia. According to him, there is no big player in Southeast Asia currently related to electronic payment players. However, he is optimistic there will be rapid growth in the electronic payment industry in the next 18-24 months. He is also optimistic Grabpay will be part of this growth.

What makes Grab optimistic? “We have one of the largest mobile apps in Southeast Asia and our customers have a potential judi online of 422 million subscribers, now our users are close to reaching 40 million (in South East Asia) .The number is huge from other purse providers in Southeast Asia, “Thompson said on Tuesday.

Of the 40 million Grab customers in Southeast Asia, Thompson mentioned that Grabpay transactions reached half of Grab’s total transactions. “Grabpay has not been fully utilized yet, but our number of users has reached millions, plus we’ve got customer trust, it’s going to be a good fundamentals,” added Thompson.

Other supporting factors are factors of cooperation owned by Grab. It turns out that Kudo’s purchase has an important role in Grabpay’s development plan. “Kudo made us move from 9 cities in Indonesia to be national.It is different from the other payment players.Nobody has done it,” said Thompson again.

Grabpay’s optimism and have ambition to become an electronic wallet leader in Southeast Asia is also evident from their business forecasts. “Active users of Grabpay will double in the next 8 weeks, doubling again in the next 10 weeks.To double this year, our trajectory is very strong.This will be the most jolting trip of my career. , “Said Thompson excitedly.