Grab Explains GrabPay’s Unlikable Driver’s Reason

Technozone – Ever rejected when you pay Grabpay? You are not alone. Some users also feel the same way. There are even users who have posted complaints through social media. Some drivers are firmly reluctant to accept orders using Grabpay. This is because the length of the disbursement process of the payment system they can.

Responding to Grabpay driver’s aversion with Grabpay, Jason Thompson, Head of Grabpay gave his explanation. He acknowledges that Grab does take time to extract funds from Grabpay to the driver.

“This is because of the slow banking system used for the disbursement of funds,” he said when met at the office Kudo, Jakarta, Tuesday.

Previously Grab admitted the disbursement of funds collected in Grabpay for new drivers can be done cumulatively for a week. According to him, this delay is caused by using poker online terpercaya only one method of disbursement through one bank. This in the future will be fixed so that non-cash payment method is not rejected by the driver.

“Currently it takes T 5 (five days after the transaction) to make the payment, we try to make the disbursement time T 1, even T 0 (in the same day), meaning that the driver can immediately cash the money once they receive feedback on their Grabpay, “He added.

To be able to achieve this target, he said it was cooperating with various parties. There will be at least ten alternative Grabpay disbursement methods being explored by Grab.

“The driver is expected to be able to withdraw the funds immediately, not only through banks, but in mini markets or other ways,” said Thompson.

However, Thompson has not been able to provide a definite timeframe for when this disbursement method will be implemented. Complaints about the length of Grabpay funds disbursement and the question of promo code that can not be used was triggered in the demonstration of the Grab drivers some time ago. Motorists consider the issue of discount promo codes to make their income less.

At that Grab party denied on the pretext of having compensated for the promo discount. Compensation is nothing other than the method of payment Grabpay. Although then this method of payment is considered slow because the driver can not withdraw money quickly.

This is inversely proportional to that of the driver of Gojek. They are more actively promoting the use of GoPay considering there is compensation lure points performance can be obtained. Plus, drivers can withdraw money on the same day when reservations are made.